Grosuplje - Create memories on the green doorstep of the capital!

Welcome to Grosuplje!

Stop, breathe in the fresh air and discover the hidden gems of our country. Enjoy the sounds of the drops in Župan’s Cave, take a walk in Radenska polje and listen to the birds chirping and frogs croaking. Close your eyes and drift off to a peaceful sleep to the sound of the proverbially industrious bees. Get to know Grosuplje and create unforgettable memories on the green doorstep of the capital.

Grosuplje is one rippling valleys, gentle forested hills , and banks, where villages and churches are whitewashed, wet meadows and cultivated arable land. It’s home at every turn Prehistory – remains of Roman roads and dwellings, Medieval fortifications (the famous Cerovo camp, Turenček in Šmarje and the remains of castles).

History lovers will find a place for themselves on Magdalenska Gora, one of the most important Iron Age sites in Slovenia. We are surrounded by unspoilt nature. We live in the middle of a mysterious karst world, full of natural values and diversity. Visit Grosuplje!


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