Mayor’s cave

Mayor's cave

About the Cave

Mayor’s Cave invites you to explore the splendour of the underground world, sculpted over millennia by karst water. Discovered in 1926 by Josip Perme, then mayor of the Šentjurij municipality near Grosuplje, the cave was named after him. Perme discovered the present-day Great Hall through the Brezno pri Opolzkem kamnu.

“At the moment I was about to order a return to the surface, I noticed another cavity where I saw stalactites. I climbed up the rock, my companions followed, and we entered a beautiful hall. Thousands of stalactites were shining all around us. We gradually climbed up to a large stalactite, now called the Monument to the Unknown Hero. We were all amazed, standing still, admiring the underground beauty. My companions started shouting and cheering.”


Mayor’s Cave is located near the village of Velike Lipljene, 7 kilometres south of Grosuplje, towards Turjak. Visitors can see 7 underground chambers adorned with beautiful stalactites. The cave is 700 metres long, with lighting installed and 600 metres of pathways. Cave tours are available only with a guide, and quality hiking footwear and warm clothing are recommended.

The entrance is now through the Ledenica chamber, known to locals for centuries and described by Jurij V. Valvasor in his ‘The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola‘ in 1689. Locals used it as a hiding place during Turkish invasions and later for storing ice and food in summer. In summer, the Ledenica offers a refreshing escape, with temperatures in the lower part of the cave reaching only up to 6 °C.

Ice Stalactites

A special feature of the cave is the ice stalactites formed at the end of winter in the Ledenica chamber. The cave provides a habitat for various animal and plant species adapted to the dark and damp environment, including cave crickets, snails, cave beetles, and several species of bats.

Visit Mayor’s Cave and discover the karst world underground! More information and reservation options below.



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