Zacurek Pond

Zacurek Pond

Zacurek Pond and Medved’s Spring are located north of the village of Šmarje – Sap, at the edge of a forest. This site is ideal for social gatherings, small sports activities, and serves as a great starting point for short walks in the forest and longer hikes towards Pleše and towards the Ljubljana municipality.

For the residents of Grosuplje, this natural spot is a delightful retreat, especially on hot summer days when it’s pleasant to be near the pond under the shade of trees. During these warm days, visitors can also enjoy ice cream.

Šmarje received its water supply system at the end of the 19th century, a significant relief for its residents who previously had to fetch water from Zacurek.   Though the new system was in place, some still visited Zacurek for water from a small spring, believed to have healing properties. This spring, named after Anton Medved, a dean in Šmarje between 1894 and 1896, came to be known as Medved’s Spring. Notably, this was around the same time Jakob Aljaž purchased the peak of Triglav for one goldinar, a moment of great pride for the residents of Šmarje.

Over time, Zacurek became a popular local excursion spot. Young people gathered there for fun and socialising, sometimes swimming in the pond, taking sips from the spring, or simply enjoying walks to the area. Today, Zacurek has been completely renovated: the pond is surrounded by wood, with a platform built over it and seating areas ideal for conversations of all kinds. It’s also a place for children, featuring swings, a statue of a bear, and lively activities during weekends. Medved’s Spring is said to be named after the priest Medved.



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